Plant Love, is a whole food plant based cookbook. Free of refined sugar and oil. Every recipe has simple whole food ingredients, and easy to follow instructions; making healthy eating fun and easy! This book was created to "plant love" in your life, and for you to "love plants”!

Antony Baxter

"A splendid banquet of finely crafted culinary delights to satisfy the body and soothe the soul."

Dr. Scott Stoll MD

"I loved the layout, it is elegant and a beautiful blend of minimalism and abundance."

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

"In over 30 years of teaching plant diets to patients the number 1 question is "what do I eat now?". Plant Love by Gianna is my response. It is all anyone needs to love food and have food love you back."

Adam Sudd

Whether you are looking to heal or simply wanting to be more meaningfully aligned with healing values and behaviors, this website is the place to begin your journey. The delicious and beautiful recipes are accessible and welcoming to beginners and people looking to up level their plant based lives. Start your journey with Gianna.

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